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Quelles types de véhicules peux ton louer su Carweo?
Sur notre plateforme vous pouvez louer tout les types de véhicules, sans exception, n'importe ou en France.

De quelles exigences ai-je besoin pour louer mes véhicules sur Carweo?
Vous devez êtres professionnel de la location pour mettre en ligne vos véhicules. Carweo n'est pas une agence de location, nous intervenons seulement dans le processus de réservation.
Les seuls conditions sont l'immatriculation au registre du commerce et souscrire à une assurance incluant une assistance professional permettant la location de véhicule de tourisme à des particulier.

Is the booking made for months or nights?
The selection in the calendar is made by nights (minimum 30) so that there is no obligation to rent for full months and the guest can book a stay of, for example, 38 or 47 days, without having to book 2 months. That is why the price is shown by months and nights. The Base Price is the rate per night that will be applied by default -except when you set other prices in the calendar for specific dates or periods-.

How much does it cost to rent with Carweo? 
Registering with Carweo or downloading our application is completely free. We only apply a fixed rate of 5% per reservation to renters, one of the lowest in the market and totally free of costs for owners.

How are payments made?
We retain the cost of the reservation, our service fee and the security deposit through Stripe's secure payment gateway and the owner receives their money 24 hours after the the scheduled check-in time -when the guest has verified that the property meets the features stated in the listing-, via PayPal or another selected payment method.
The deposit must be refunded by the owner within a maximum period of 1 week after departure, once he has verified that there has been no damage to the house.
The Carweo service fee and the deposit will always be refunded if the guest or owner cancels before the stay begins. The cost of accommodation will be reimbursed based on the applicable cancellation policy.

What conditions can the owner set to control his rentals?
The owners can decide the availability in their calendar, set the requirements that their guests must meet, consult their evaluations, define the house rules, the cancellation policies, choose different prices according to the season or day of the year, set the security deposit and offer discounts.

What happens if the guest cancels a reservation? And the owner?
If the guest cancels a reservation, s/he will receive the corresponding refund in accordance with the conditions and circumstances established in the applicable cancellation policy:

-FLEXIBLE: Full refund if the guest cancels until 1 day before check in. Otherwise, the first week is non-refundable.
-MODERATE: Full refund cancelling until 2 weeks before check in or within the following 2 days after booking confirmation. Otherwise, only 50% will be refunded.
-STRICT: Full refund cancelling until 1 month before check in or within the following day after booking confirmation. Otherwise, no refund.

If the owner cancels or rejects a reservation, the amount paid by the guest will be fully and automatically reimbursed.
The cancellation of a reservation by the owner without a cause of force majeure included in our terms of service may negatively affect the position of the property in the search results, and even, if it is repeated, lead to its expulsion of the platform.

What is the Security Deposit? When is it refunded?
Security Deposit is an amount that the owner will establish to cover the damages that the guests may cause in the home and that will be refunded by the Owner, in whole or in part -as appropriate-, during the week following the end of the stay, by the method of payment designated by the guest and once the owner has checked that there has been no property damage, or, if there has been, has made a specific and verifiable evaluation and quantification of them. Carweo does not administer the deposits because in certain cities the owners have the obligation to keep them in an official administration.

Orientatively is equivalent to the cost of:
• 1/2 monthly rent for stays of 1 to 3 months.
• 1 monthly for stays of 4 to 6 months.
• 1+1/2 for stays of 7 to 9 months and
• 2 for stays of 10 to 12 months.